Photography & styling

Since 2017 I photographed more than 150 properties in the Algarve. First for the holiday villa rental company I represented for 5 years, soon followed by private (holiday) homeowners and real estate agents. It wasn’t my sole profession, but I loved doing it! I got the opportunity to see a large variety of Algarve properties and to discover my creativity. These years were a great learning curve.

My career once started with 5 star hotel management, event organizing and real estate in the Netherlands. Then I became partner in the video production company Marreck Media Productions. The company mainly produced corporate and documentary productions and I was responsible for script writing, story editing and total production for over 7 years. I have alway been interested in photography and (interior) architecture, as a hobby.

And then? Life brought me from Amsterdam to the Algarve, where I designed and built my dream house close to São Brás de Alportel. I started working in the holiday rental business and was soon fortunate to showcase my creative talent as a real estate photographer.

In 2023 I decided to dedicate myself 100% to real estate photography. I sold my beloved first Nikon camera and bought the most amazing Nikon D850 and the best wide angel 16-35 mm Nikon lens together with the extreme sharp 85 mm Sigma portrait lens. I signed up for photography training courses in the Netherlands and online and I followed a workshop at the renowned Photo Academy in Amsterdam, focussing only on interior photography. I perfected my photo editing skills with Lightroom Classic and learned how to create floor plans and artist impressions, mostly to help me understand even more about the importance of styling and positioning objects; VERY useful in my photography work!

In 2023 I also created a brand new website and my Instagram account. I worked on my portfolio and in 2024 MMP Photography By Louise was fully ready to go!

Drone, video & editing

I love editing my own photos, and also the drone images, to the clients wishes. I have my own style and preferences but some clients like more bright photos, some like to have much contrast, others prefer more natural. All is possible!

Louis Marreck technically edits all video material. He is a very experienced video and sound editor, who besides editing also directed ánd filmed many shows, commercials and documentaries for a variety of television producers and corporate businesses. Louis was the founder of Marreck Media Productions and we worked together for many years. Together we are now responsible for the creative editing of all real estate videos.

Louis is also a fully licensed EU drone pilot and makes most of MMP’s drone footage and video material.

To fully serve my clients at all times, I work with different drone pilots, all licensed and all experienced in shooting photo and video footage in the Algarve.


Curious about some of the video work Marreck Media Productions created in the Netherlands in the past? Click HERE and scroll through our old showreel.