Artist Impressions

As a real estate photographer who needs to portray a house for sale I can’t always shoot what I feel; I need to shoot how it looks! As pretty as I can of course…

But what if there is not much to shoot? An empty house or a neglected room? You know empty spaces look smaller without furniture. Are your potential buyers having trouble visualizing how a room could look?

I can design how a room can feel: no expensive graphic designs but a budget friendly, attractive image to show your clients. I can quite easily create an artist impression and turn an empty space into a modern, attractive room. Just send me the dimensions, photos of the current situation and your – or your client’s – desired style. You can add my artist impression to your photo gallery or show it to your potential buyer on location, without having to actually furnish the room, which costs much more time and money.

Don't shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.