After a background in 5 star hotel management, event organizing and real estate, I became partner in the video production company Marreck Media Productions in the Netherlands. The company mainly produced corporate and documentary productions and I was responsible for script writing, story editing and production for over 7 years.

And then? Life brought me from Amsterdam to the Algarve, where I designed and built my dream house close to São Brás de Alportel. I started working in the holiday rental business and was soon fortunate to showcase my creative talent as a real estate photographer.

Since 2017 I photographed more than 150 properties. First for the holiday villa rental company I represented for 5 years, soon followed by private homeowners and real estate agents. It wasn’t my sole profession, but I loved doing it! I got the opportunity to see a large variety of Algarve properties and these years were a great learning curve.

In 2023 I decided to dedicate myself 100% to real estate photography. I sold my beloved first Nikon camera and bought the most amazing Nikon D850 with the best wide angel 16-35 mm Nikon lens and a 85 mm Nikon portrait lens. I went back to ‘school’; attending training courses in the Netherlands and online, focusing only on real estate photography, perfecting my editing skills in Adobe Lightroom and learning how to create a proper artist impression with Floorplanner. I traded in the old website for a new one and created my Instagram account.

8 months later and MMP Photography By Louise was ready to go!

I work with a small group of drone pilots but mainly with Louis, who is also the editor of all MMP's videos.

In my home country the Netherlands I started the video production company Marreck Media Productions. At that time, I already had my career with Dutch national television, first as a sound engineer and video editor, later as an awarded television director. Camera experience followed through the years. My strength lies in storytelling, editing skills and the ongoing drive to bring any project to a successful conclusion. This drive definitely helped me to successfully build my own house in the beautiful Algarve too!

Telling stories is in my blood and when Louise became a real estate photographer, on request I started making real estate videos.

And I became a licensed drone pilot, because I love to fly;).


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